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Okay, so I plan to at some point open a journal specifically for this, but for now, I don't really have time. SO I wanted to keep a log of sorts of the activities we do, and the books that we read. So I am going to start with tonight.

Books I Read To Them:
Diego's Wolf Pup Rescue - Christine Ricci
A Humpback Whale Tale - Justin Spelvin
Diego and the Baby Sea Turtles - Lisa Rao
Dora Choo Choo book
Handy Manny counting book

Books Aurora Read Aloud:
I Love You Through and Through

Books Xavier Read Aloud:
Mat - Book 1 of the BOB books

Aurora - page 1 of Learning Horizons First Grade Math

Both kids played on this spanish number web thing

DVDS watched:
Aurora did a ballet video

That's it for tonight. We're not really doing anything planned or structured yet. I'm trying to give myself a little time for that and just trying to incorporate some learning into everyday. :)


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